Vista Encantada puts on quite a party!

Our Janie Gilmore-Daniels organized a beautiful holiday party for kids at a Title 1 school. Presents were hand-pick and delivered, a feast was brought and shared, and even Santa made an appearance! All of us at Vista Encantada were honored to participate! Here are the precious hand-written thank you notes we got from all the kids. So sweet!!

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Two of Vista Encantada’s Realtors Honored by the Realtor’s Association of New Mexico (RANM)

We are so excited for Cathy Colvin, named the RANM Realtor of the Year for 2016, and for Marketta Damonte, who was honored with the Peggy Comeau Award.  Both of these ladies go above and beyond in so many respects, and we are so proud of their huge accomplishments!08-img_6881Congratulations Cathy and Marketta!

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My Vista Encantada (Enchanted View)

My great-aunt says it best…”The storms here have personality.”  They are welcomed, longed for, and often rejoiced in, painting for us the most gorgeous, ever-changing vistas.  On a recent drive home through Northern New Mexico, I was mesmerized by the sage-green landscapes, spotted with hearty grazing cattle and wild antelope.  Clusters of ridiculously happy little sunflowers waved continuously to us from the edges of the road, as if begging for our attention.

And the storms!  You haven’t lived till you’ve witnessed how the sky falls here.  It’s as if the storm clouds suddenly decide it’s time to share, refreshing the desert terrain below.  They pick a defined strip of land and gracefully descend, flowing like sheer curtains from dramatic thundercloud valances.  To the east, rainbows peek in and out of distant clouds, and flashes of lightening compete for attention in all directions.  If you happen to be heading straight into one of those curtains, a terrifying experience awaits as heavy sheets of blinding rain envelope you.  It takes only a few minutes before you emerge on the other side into a shockingly calm, bright, and colorful new realm. (See below…)

So here’s to my latest Vista Encantada…

-Mandy Herzog, Marketing

Lightening adds to the drama

Lightening adds to the drama

Emerging to the other side

Emerging to the other side

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