How does this make you feel?

This morning, when I saw the picture below on, I involuntarily erupted into laughter…partly the “Oh my! That’s A LOT of plaid” kind of laughter, and partly the “Aww, it’s so sweet!” kind of laughter.


H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Getty Images

The “so sweet” reaction stems from my immediate association of this photo to one of my favorite photos of my dad…dressed in all his 1970’s matching plaid suit and tie glory…forever memorialized on his rookie FBI credential’s photo.  He was so young, so handsome, and so going a little overboard with a trendy style of the day!  For all 32 years of his career with the FBI, that photo remained his official ID.

Speaking of rookies…this is a fun and helpful article about 7 Decorating Mistakes Rookie Homeowners Make.  If you want to make sure your home is not associated with going a little too trendy like my dad’s photo ID, here’s some great decorating tips as well as creative advice on how to avoid going overboard on your budget, too!  Check out this link:

7 Decorating Mistakes Rookie Homeowners Make

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-Mandy Herzog, Marketing