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Thank you for visiting our website. I think it is a true reflection of me, my company, and my attitude.  The name of the company, “Vista Encantada”, translates from Spanish to charming or enchanting view. Please notice our featured scene, which portrays my view of New Mexico.  My perspective on the world is much like our featured scene – warm, quirky, colorful, kind.  This perspective is New Mexico.  We are locally owned and locally grown.  We are New Mexico.

I grew up in Albuquerque. I graduated from Valley High School and then from University of New Mexico with a degree in Journalism and a minor in German.  My degree in Journalism has served me well for many reasons.  I learned how to ask questions and pay attention to the answers.  In this work, I have many opportunities to observe and describe!  And…I still get to write.

My career in real estate began in 1987. While I was still studying at UNM, I worked for a small real estate company.  I was inspired by an amazing mentor.  From her I learned that great things can happen in small places.  In fact, small places are where we are most creative.

After 12 years with that company I decided to open my own.  We are now in our 17th year of business.

When I opened Vista Encantada Realtors, LLC in the fall of 1999, my goal was to create a boutique real estate company.  It is not a big place and it never will be.  It is a highly productive place where a great deal of business is done in a comfortable and colorful atmosphere.  In fact, we are in the top 20 companies in production out of over 700 companies in the MLS.  Vista Encantada is a place where our customers feel at home and our brokers are friends.  We are completely focused on our customers.  Our customers are people.  Our customers are families.  Our customers are important.  As our customer, you are a person.  You are a family.  You are important.  And the best part of all, YOU matter!

I would only entrust the care of my customers to a very experienced team of professionals.  We are structured in such a way that if I am unavailable, I have several licensed Brokers to help in my stead. In addition to my licensed Transaction Manager, Pam Highstrete, and my licensed Office Manager, Sue Struck, I have a licensed right hand, Connie Ryan, who is helps with everything I do and who brings more than 30 years of experience along with her status as past President of AMBR and her Realtor of the Year 2003.

Despite the fact that we deal with real ceilings and walls on a regular basis, the real estate industry is one without ceilings and walls.  It is an industry of entrepreneurs with the only limit being one’s stamina.  As a way of thanking the industry which opened the world to me, I have volunteered on many boards and committees becoming the youngest female President of the Albuquerque Metropolitan Board of Realtors (now GAAR), in 2000.  In 2004, I was selected as Realtor of the Year for that same organization.  This is the highest honor a Realtor can receive locally besides the compliment of returning customers.  The best part of that experience was the people I met.  If anything, I consider myself rich in people.  Many of the people I work with now are people I met through volunteerism.  Currently, I serve on the New Mexico Real Estate Commission, a position appointed by the Governor, and which I accepted as the highest honor I have received to date.

Over the last 27 years, it has been my privilege to work for a wide variety of customers. To each I offer diligence, knowledge, honesty and humor.

I am charmed by hummingbirds, red trucks and books.

Welcome to my world.  The world of Vista Encantada Realtors, LLC.  It is nice to meet you.